3 Easy Ways To Market Your Health Coaching Business.

Are you a health and wellness coach who is looking to grow their business but just doesn’t know how? When it comes to marketing your health coaching business there are A LOT of options and opportunities out there and it can be hard to not get overwhelmed with all of the choices. Today we wanted to give you just THREE easy ways that you can market your health coaching business that will drive the most traffic and give you the best results.

1. In-person Presentations & Webinars

To get new clients you need to get in front of your ideal clients and one of the best ways to do that is through in-person presentations and online webinars. Putting together a presentation that adds a ton of value connects with your ideal clients and helps potential clients get to know you is a sure-fire way to position yourself as an expert in the industry. When you teach and add value to your ideal clients you build trust which will help shorten the sales process and allow you to close more clients which in turn will help you grow your health coaching business. So how do you create these presentations and where should you give them? Well we like creating our presentations in canva.com it is easy to navigate and they have great templates. Now it’s time to give your presentation, start with your local chamber of commerce, BNI groups, and community. When it comes to online webinars you can reach out to Facebook groups that have your ideal clients to do a collaboration, you can create some inexpensive Facebook ads, or see if you can work out a deal to be sent to people’s email lists.

2. Get Busy on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to build your health coaching business. Not only can you connect with your ideal audience but it’s easy to privately message, put out blog content, and grow your email list. Creating a solid LinkedIn strategy that works for your health coaching business and your ideal clients is crucial for the success of your efforts. We like to start with a solid profile, consistent prospecting messages, strong follow up, and great posts that add a lot of value. When you show up on LinkedIn it’s important to be consistent and relevant. Create posts that your ideal clients want to see and make sure to include calls to action (CTA) that will help you grow your email list. This can be anything from download my free guide, get this recipe, or join my free webinar there are countless ideas. Another great way to grow your business on LinkedIn is through your private messages. Create an easy connection message and then from there personally message once they connect always making sure to follow up multiple times with each person.

3. Include Opt in’s on Your Website & Blog Posts

Utilizing opt in’s on your website and blog is a free way to build your email list and add value to potential clients. When it comes to adding opt in’s on your website you will want to create a pop-up for when people have been on your site for a certain period of time or are about to leave your website. You can create it to offer a free ebook, workout routine, meal plan, or recipes, really anything that offers value and would encourage someone to leave their email. On your blog posts, you can create opt in’s to join your newsletter, book a call with you, watch your web training, or download any of your tools. It’s important to test these opt in’s out and see which ones work the best. once you have collected the email addresses it is important to create an email campaign that will then nurture this lead into becoming a client. Making sure to stay in front of your potential clients is so important as people need 8 – 12 touches before they will consider joining a brand. So stay consistent.

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