5 Ways to totally Dominate Social Media as a Health Coach.

Are you a Health Coach looking to dominate social media but just feel lost among the crowd and don’t know how to stand out? Are you tired of reading blog posts that just tell you obvious tips like “make your feed professional”? We have put together FIVE ways for you to dominate your social media (and we bet you haven’t heard of all of them)

Scroll on down, we can’t wait to share them with you.

Tip # 1: Know your Who

You hear a lot about knowing your WHY in the health coaching world, but that won’t tangibly help you when it comes to dominating social media. You need to know your WHO.

In the marketing world we call this niching down. You cannot cater to the masses, your brand needs to be specific and narrowed down.

You need to have a clear picture of WHO your coaching is for. Getting extremely detailed and spending some time really thinking about who exactly you want to help will allow you to really stand out in your market. Think about the demographic, culture, problems, motivations, excuses, hangups. For example – If your WHO is a middle aged mom, who is busy running her kids around, working, and packing lunches. Who feels frumpy, tired, out of shape and overwhelmed. Her excuses are never having enough time or energy to even think about her health but her motivation is feeling her best so that she can keep up with her kids. You will create a social media presence that is geared towards this mom.

Tip # 2: Create a Culture

Now that you know your WHO it’s time to create a culture that people want to be apart of. People want to be apart of something, they want to connect, and they want to feel included. There are SO many online “experts” out there its not simply enough to position yourself in that way. We must create a culture not just a platform.

Social Media is a fabulous way to connect people together for something bigger than themselves and create a business out of doing it. As a health coach you need to ask yourself what is the vibe of the culture I want to create? This will allow you to get a clear picture of the type of content you need and how you will use it.

For example: if your WHO is busy career women who has a high desire to be healthy and live optimally. Then your culture is going to be one of mental toughness, routine, order, discipline, and strategy. You’ll create an atmosphere that attracts the elite, solves their problems, and motivates them.

Tip # 3: Add Value

Ok we know your WHO, we have the Culture you want, now it’s time to add value so that you can acquire & retain clients.

A good rule of thumb is the Value equation 80% of value 20% of asks. SO out of 10 posts you want 8 of them to be adding value to your followers. These can be recipes, tips, education, contests, blogs, workout routine, humour, meal planning, your life journey, giveaways etc.

Just have a mindset for value, always asking yourself how can I serve my audience. EVEN if that audience is tiny.

Tip # 4: Take it Slow

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your social media. You need to be in it for the long haul. Sometimes it will feel like NOTHING is happening, work at it anyways.

Some tips we have for building it slow and steady are:

  • Take on one platform at a time (do not take on every platform all at once and do none of them well, pick one and then keep adding)
  • Follow & comment on pages where your WHO are. Engage with your target audience on other pages – not being saley just adding value.
  • Engage with your own audience. Don’t focus on the likes, focus on the engagement.
  • Be consistent! Slow and steady wins the race. If you can commit to 3 posts a week then make sure that you hit that every week. If you can only do 1 a week make sure you stick with it. The key is consistency.

Tip # 5: Get Technical

We can’t finish up this blog post without talking about the technicalities of social media.

When it comes to Facebook & Instagram it’s important to stay up to date with way to optimize your profile for their algorithms.

Knowing the best hashtags to use, how many to use, when to post, how to tag people, adding an location etc are all important but they are ALWAYS changing. We recommend keeping yourself up to date with this info because it will matter to your account.

Social media can feel totally overwhelming and sometimes just really discouraging. Here at Well Coached we know that knowing your WHO, creating a culture, adding value, taking it slow, and getting technical will really help you DOMINATE.

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