6 Things Your Health Coaching Website Needs.

Having a website can be a great tool for building your business. What you say and what you include on it can be the difference between getting a new client or not. We have complied a simple list of 6 must have things every health coaching website needs.

Let’s break down:

1. A Clear Headline

It can be tempting to be clever and catchy but when it comes to your headline clear and simple is the way to go. Your headline is your tag line so within 5 seconds of someone being on your site the user needs to know exactly what you do in a way that everyone can understand it. This headline should be easy to see, and really stand out.
It should be the first thing your eyes go to when your site loads.

2. Calls To Action

A call to action or CTA is the action you want the user to take while on your site. Some examples would be “book a call”, “Download my course”, “Get Started”etc. These calls to action’s need to be repeated throughout your site, stand out, and be explained as to WHY someone would want to click on the button.

3. Copy That Converts

When it comes to writing copy for your website its best to keep the same approach as your headline SIMPLE. Taking some time to map out your business will help you write copy that will effectively communicate to the user. Create a detailed avatar (your ideal client) write out who your avatar is, what problem they have, and how you solve it.

4. Testimonials + Social Proof

Testimonials and social proof are extremely important when it comes to building trust with someone who doesn’t know you yet. Showcase your testimonials and social proof on your main page. For testimonials we recommend having a picture of the client and a short blurb of their experience with you. For social proof its best to have the logos of the brands and business you have worked with or been featured on.

5. Lead Capture + Pop up

Every website needs a way to collect contact info so that you can continue to engage and nurture those leads. The best way to do that is by giving something away for free. Whether a free ebook, downloadable PDF, meal plan, or exercise plan have something on your site that is easy to see. It is also important to have a pop up that gives this freebie away when someone has been on your site for certain period of time or goes to leave your site.

6. Images That Show The Results

Images are powerful, and the images you choose for your site are just as important as the words you use. When it comes to picking the images go back to your avatar description and chose photos that show your avatar with their problem solved. This allows the potential client to see themselves as they want to see themselves and will help them see that you can truly help them.

That concludes our 6 things your health coaching website needs. We hope you gained some valuable information for building your website. Here at Well Coached we create eye-catching websites for health coaches that include everything on this list and MORE!!

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