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Choosing the right health coach can feel like a big task. A good coach will help design a health and wellness plan tailored to your needs and experience. They’ll help you discover your personal strengths, and use those strengths to encourage healthy growth and lasting change. They’ll help discover root issues that are keeping you from achieving your goals, and help move forward in success.

How to find a Health Coach that is the right fit?

When contacting coaches for more information it’s a great idea to have a few basic questions in mind that you can ask the coach and answer for yourself

  1. Does the coach offer a free consult or discovery call? This is a great way to ensure that you can make a connection with your coach and ask further questions.
  2. Training and Certification Education or licensing is not a requirement for Health Coaches in most states. There are certainly good coaches who don’t have a formal education, but coaches with education and certified coaches with the ICHWC and NBV-HWC will have gone through specific types of training vital to offering consistent results. You will find coaches from accredited programs like Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach institute in the directory below.
  3. Experience All coaches start somewhere, and other factors outside of experience may be more important to finding a great fit in a coach. However, with experience many coaches will gain an understanding of best to motivate certain types of people or work with individuals struggling in specific areas. When you talk to a prospective coach, consider their experience but weigh that with their training, specializations and your personal connection.
  4. Additional Expertise There are as many different types of coaches as there are people. If you have a specific type of health or wellness goal that you’re wanting to reach, look for someone who specializes in the area you’re looking to address.
  5. Pricing and Availability Every coach has a different way that they approach working with their clients. Some coaches will offer discounted packages if you pay upfront or offer other types of products and services.
  6. Connection Coaching is personal and you will have better results if you find a health coach you trust that help you celebrate wins, and push through challenges

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Deepened Roots Health Coaching

Cincinnati, OH
  • Wellness / Natural Healing

Hello, there! My name is Kara Oelker. I am a certified health coach who helps busy professionals with gut issues establish sustainable habits so that they can let go of

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How to Search for a Coach

You’re in the right place, and we’re happy to help. Start by considering some of the health goals that you want to achieve. If you want help getting motivated to exercise, consider looking for a Coach that has specialization in fitness or exercise science. If you’re looking for help with weight loss, look for coaches with those specializations or ask those types of questions when you contact them.

Use our directory above to look for coaches and contact them using the contact form or phone number provided. If you’re not able to find a coach that fits your needs, consider asking friends or family on Social Media for a referral. People love to share their advice, and chances are you’ll put together a short list of qualified candidates

How much does a Health Coach cost?

Even though many medical professionals recommend working with a Health Coach to improve outcomes, insurance does not always cover coaching. Make sure to check with your insurance provider to find out if coaching is covered under your plan. If not, most coaches offer self pay options for their clients. Single coaching appointments range from $65-$150hr depending on your area and the coaches experience. Make sure to ask if your coach offers any package discounts or discounts for paying up front. Most coaches will recommend a series of ongoing sessions to help followup and give on going feedback. Plan on meeting with your health coach 6 or more times, and you may benefit from a long term relationship to help keep your health on track.