How To Build A Successful Facebook Group For Health Coaches.

Facebook’s algorithm can be quite challenging when it comes to launching and brand or business on it. That is why we recommend creating a Facebook group and focusing your time and energy on building a community of followers in that. In this post we are going to give you the tools to run a successful Facebook group as a health/wellness coach.

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Use Your Other Platforms To Build Your Group.

In order to build a successful Facebook group you need people! Until you have an active group Facebooks algorithm won’t be organically sending people to you so you need to do the leg work first to get the ball rolling. Your group should feel exclusive, special, and totally value driven. When it comes to building a group from scratch we recommend sending out an email to your entire list, posting on social media, and inviting your clients personally. Your invite should be exciting, it should explain WHY they want to join your group, and you can give a little sneak peek of the things they can expect to gain from the group.

Link your Blog & Website, podcast, app, guest blog etc to your group.

Its so important then when you are building a group that you place your group everywhere your business is. This can be in your URL link on Instagram, in your blog posts, and on your website (join my private Facebook group and get access to my step by step guide that… or join my live class where you will learn how to…).

Post Valuable Content

When it comes to creating content it is extremely important that its content that your target audience wants to see. It is better to post less if it means you’re putting out quality then it is to just post to check it off your to do list and it’s not well thought out. Making sure to have a wide variety of content, you’re goal is to make your audience laugh, think, be inspired, stay accountable, learn, relax, and take action. which brings us into our next point…

Post Interactive Content

Your Facebook group should never feel one-sided. You want to create interactive conversations with your audience. Some ideas for interactive content is:

  • Surveys (get some feedback)
  • Quizes
  • Ask a question after your post
  • Give an action step and get them to post with a photo once its done
  • Post progress reports and create an encouragement post for everyone to cheer.

Always Be Consistent

It is extremely important that when you are running a Facebook group that you stay consistent. We recommend setting up days of the week that you do certain things to make it easier. For example: Mindful Monday (post about mindset, mental health etc) Tip Tuesday (post a life hack, something you learned etc) Workshop Wednesday (go live and teach) There are plenty of ideas when it comes to this so get creative and stay the course.

We hope this post helped you feel more equipped to build your Facebook Group. We would love to hear from you, if you have any questions please post them below.


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