How to Completely Market Your Health Coaching Business for Success.

Ready to grow your Health Coaching Business? Our team of marketing experts have compiled the BEST Health Coach Marketing strategies. Whether you have a big budget or a small, an email list or not, experience or no experience – these are sure to set you up for success.

Let’s Start With your Lead List :

Whether you have an email list or not it’s important to grow and nurture this list.
First we’ll talk about how to build your list and then what to do once your list is growing and ready.

Some strategies we love for building a list that will also help grow your business in other ways are:

Lead Capture Pop up on your Website: We love opt-in pop ups on websites but when done incorrectly they can also be a nuisance. Doing a pop up correctly means adding value and placing your pop up in at the right time. Some great ways to add value is to offer a discount, free eBook, exercise program, amazing recipe, health quiz or health tips.
Well Coached Marketing Sites Sliver and above include a built in lead capture popup and our “healthierU” mini course as a giveaway.

Virtual Classes & Webinars: This is a fantastic way to get yourself out there, meet new people AND grow your list. Make sure to always require email + Phone number opt in for anyone who joins

Blog Posts: Blog Posts on your website are a fabulous for adding value to followers and a great place to put opt-ins for any readers. Just like your pop up you’ll want to create multiple opt ins for people to take action. Whether that is a button for people to join your program, book a free consult, download a workout, etc.

Run a Contest: If you currently have a Facebook group or page this is a great way to build your list. Ask people to tag friends and opt in through email & SMS. If you don’t currently have a Facebook group see if you can run a contest with someone else who does have one with your ideal clientele.

Now you have a List – Lets Talk Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool when done correctly. On average email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available. Marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue. (Campaign Monitor, 2019) Those numbers are impressive so if you’re not using email marketing you need to be.

Some great ways to grow your Health Coaching business through email is:

Automated Campaigns:
Utilizing a CRM so that you can automate email campaigns & segment your lists will not only be a huge task helper but profitable.

Be Consistent: When you are just starting out and your list is small you can aim for sending out 3 high quality emails a month, as your audience grows you will want to be in front of them more often.

Quality Content: What you share matters – so make sure you have engaging, value adding, inspiring content. It is best to mix it up between telling stories, sharing facts, education, sharing humor, giving things away, and sharing testimonials.

Clear Calls to Action: Make sure to always make it very clear what you want your reader to do. Schedule a call, download your eBook, refer a friend -make sure there is no guess work when it come to your CTA.

Pick your headlines with care: Find out which emails are opened up most and that is what you can improve upon. In general, simple titles work best for most audiences.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads can feel overwhelming, but if you keep them simple they can offer a great return on your investment and get you in front of an audience you never would have otherwise.

Here is a quick tip for Facebook Ads

Simple Ads Strategy: If you have never run Facebook Ads before you may want to take some courses to grow your understanding of it. But if you have some limited knowledge this strategy will be easy to create.

Sometimes less is more when it comes to Facebook Ads. Pick an area of health that is widely searched and needed. For example: Hormones. Tip: Offer a simple quiz. After someone takes the quiz have an email & SMS strategy in place with clear CTA’s so that you can book free consults with all those that took your quiz.

Social Media:

Social Media is extremely powerful when it comes to growing your health coaching business, but it can also feel like a HUGE mountain. See below what our top 3 tips are when it comes to running your social media.

Pick one and get good at it: Decide for yourself where is your target audience is and then pick the platform where they are most likely to be active. One of the biggest mistakes people make is spreading themselves too thin. By focusing on one Social Media platform and excelling at it you can best serve your business and clients.

Speak to your audience: There are two major mistakes people make in marketing 1. They offer something people don’t want. 2. They get out competed. Its very important as a Health Coach that you know who your audience is, speak directly to them, and stand out.

Add Value: A good rule for any business owner is to always lead with value. Value is the difference maker! Here are some examples of value when it comes to social media: educational posts, inspiring posts, connection posts (posts about your personal journey), free info posts, giveaways and contests.

Now more than ever having an online presence for potential clients and existing clients to find you on the web is not only necessary it’s crucial to your business. Why? Because your online presence matters dramatically and the success of your Health Coaching Career can rise and fall on the validity of it.

Let’s say Johnny is looking to get his health in order and he decides that hiring a health coach is his best step. He asks around and gets a few recommendations, decides to check them out online and see who he bests fits with. Coach A doesn’t think an online presence is worth it and so they spend little to no time on it. Johnny has no way to connect with them, see what they are offering, or get any background on who they are as a coach. Coach B understands that an online presence is powerful and invests time, effort, and money into it. Johnny instantly can find blog posts, great recipes, reads their bio, can connect a face to a name, and see what this coach is all about. Johnny clicks the clear call to action button on their site and books a consult. Coach B wins the marketing game and books the client. The way you market your health coaching business matters and we understand that it is not easy to do it yourself. This very reason is why we took our expertise and created Well Coached Marketing

What is

Well Coached Marketing is a marketing company made specifically for Health Coaches. We understand your target audience and create tools for you so that you can care for your clients. We take big company tools and make them accessible for small business owners.

With Well Coached you will be able to have a STRONG online presence and market your coaching business successfully and with ease. Let us help get you more time, more profits, and more focus on the things that you love.

So what tools do we create for you?

✔️ Stunning Websites: Made specifically for Health Coaches that are user-friendly and customizable.

✔️ Email & SMS Marketing: Take advantage of the best marketing tools with an easy to use CRM and pre-made templates for your target audience.

✔️ Monthly Content: Stay fresh, current, and professional with NEW monthly content to share.

✔️ Premium Support: We are dedicated to your success

You can join the Well Coached family today for FREE and test out how valuable our tools are. Are you ready to market your business with success?

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