Instagram 101 for Health Coaches.

With over 130 Million active US Instagram users this platform packs a big punch and is worth getting good at. Where should you start and what should you focus on? Isn’t this App changing constantly? We are here to share with you the 101 for building your Instagram Profile as a health coach.

Scroll on down and by the end of this you will feel like a true IG Boss!

Build Your Bio

First things first let’s build your bio. Attention grabbing creative bio’s that speak to your target audience are the goal. With only 150 characters this can be tricky but we have some tips for building a bio that stands out.

  • Use key words in your name field: Unlike the name suggests this isn’t exactly the best place to put your name. When people search on Instagram, the words in the Name field are analyzed for matches. So if you want to rank well in searches from an Instagram SEO perspective, it is crucial you use keywords relevant to your niche in the Name section.
  • Use credentials, business specifics, and expertises to create your bio. This is where you really speak to your WHO (don’t know what I’m talking about? read this post).
  • Use Emojis & personality: Instagram is fun and playful, use emojis and add your personality as much as you can. Play around with this and get creative.
  • Have a clear CTA (call to action): End your bio off with something you want the reader to do. Whether signing up for your program, getting a recipe, going your 30 day challenge, getting your workout plan, or free Ebook make it clear and link where you want them to go in the website portion.

IG Stories

500 Million people watch IG Stories every single day and with this fast paced, content consuming, FOMO world we live in IG Stories is definitely where you want to be devoting some time.

So how do you create awesome stories?
Let’s dive in!

  • Mix up your content: when it comes to stories you want to create a wide variety of content. From quotes, contests, quizzes, polls, announcements, personal videos, collabs and news feed re posts you want to share it all!
  • Share your face: No but seriously get on video and chat with your audience. We are living in days where people crave authentic connection provide this for them and create real fan followers.
  • Get Technical: Use Hashtags three to be exact and make sure they are visible so the algorithm uses them. Share your location it helps you get more exposure to locals. Plus, it works similarly to hashtags – people can use geotags to search for local businesses, offers, etc. Tag other profiles and create more engagement.
  • Utilize Highlights: Plan out your highlights so that they showcase your business and are interesting. Make them uber specific so your audience knows exactly what they are getting when they click on it. Some ideas for health coaches are – smoothies, healthy desserts, workouts (out door workouts, at home workouts, top health tips, staying healthy in every season, meal planning, gut health, detoxing, sugar detox etc there are SO many ideas


By 2021, it is estimated that 78% of mobile users will watch videos on mobile on different platforms. 

Among these platforms, IGTV is going to be a huge player.With videos from 1 – 60 mins this is an amazing platform to share video content.
So how can you stand out?

  • Be The Expert: IG TV is the perfect place to show case your expertise and share real value with your audience.
  • Use Hashtags + Share a preview on your Feed + Share to your stories: When you take the time to create good content make sure you are sharing it EVERYWHERE!
  • Quality over Quantity: This rule applies to all content, don’t just make content to make it, really show case your brand. Some ideas of quality content would be – Ditch coffee and drink this instead, You you feel tired, 5 tips to more energy, avoid the mid day crash by doing xyz, this exercise will change your morning, how a health coach dominates their day. Really the ideas are endless just take action!

Your Feed

Your Newsfeed is a representation of your brand and it needs to be clear when someone sees it who you are speaking to and the message you are conveying.

What your newsfeed looks like is important but it is also important to not get so hung up on it. It’s not necessary to post everyday to your newsfeed instead post to stories, reels, & IG T.V more and add that content to your newsfeed while breaking it up with other quality content.

A great strategy to adopt is this rule of FIVE ask yourself:

  • What problem can I solve for my WHO – Provide a solution to your ideal clients problems. (give a tutorial, tips, talk to them, give free tools)
  • Shareable Content – Shareable content is a Free way to reach more people. Create some content others can share like a quote, info graphic, recipe, work out etc
  • Be the Expert – Share small, actionable instructions, that will provide quick wins for your audience. This will help them see you as an expert and trust your knowledge.
  • Ask Your Audience – Ask your people what they want to see and hear from you. Really listen to them and create content for them! Then tag them once you do it. This will create credibility, trust, and loyal fans.
  • Create a community – At the end of the day people crave connection and a sense of belonging. Create that with your page! It isn’t about how many followers you have but how many people feel apart of your community.

I.G Reels

The newest Instagram feature is REELS and they are SO fun! in an effort to bring instagram users back from Tik Tok Instagram created reels and everyone is loving them.

These 15 second little videos are a great way to capture attention and bring people to your page. Instagram is favouring reels these days because they want the new feature to be successful so they are a great thing to focus on.

Tips for using Reels:

  • Add music, text, emojis, stickers & creativity– Make your reels fun and catchy. A good rule of thumb is to strive to entertain, give knowledge, add value, and inspire.
  • Add Hastags – Use a hashtag strategy so that your reel will get shown to more people.
  • Post your Reels to your IG Stories & News Feed – making content is no small task make sure to utilize it everywhere!


During the COVID pandemic IG Lives went up 70% and will continue to rise well into 2021.

Live video helps your audience feel more involved and connected. This allows them not to just passively consume content but to actively be apart of it. It also fills the instance gratification bucket making them feel like the first to find out.

So how can you dominate this space?

  • Promote your Live in advance – Share with your audience what you’ll be talking about and why they want to tune in. Give them enough information that they will want to tune in and encourage them to invite their friends.
  • Bring on Guests – Bring fresh faces on every once in awhile. People who will really add value to your audience.
  • Ask & Answer questions– Encourage engagement and interaction, don’t just make it a one sided conversation.
  • Follow up after the LIVE – This is a great way to connect further and add more value. If someone asked a question follow up with them, if someone commented reach out to them, create more engagement and community.

Well there is our Social Media 101 for Health Coaches. We hope you have gained a TON of value. If you would like more social media expertise head on over to our instagram or check out our other posts below


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