Instagram Basics For Beginners.

Are you new to Social media and you just have no idea where to start? Social media can be overwhelming and what we hear from so many clients is that they don’t know where to start so they just don’t.  

Today we want to give you a step by step guide of Instagrams features and how to use them as a beginner. You will walk away from this post with some great tips that you can start applying right away.

Ready. Set. Scroll Down 👇🏻

Let’s Start With Your Bio

Your Bio communicates who you are, what you do, and who you serve.

In Order to do that effectively here are 4 tips for writing your bio:

  1. Keep it Short and to the point
  2. Use Emoji’s 😁
  3. Use the URL spot to link to a specific page on your website. (meal plan, product, how to, work out plan, tips etc.
  4. Use high searched keywords beside your name (ex David Smith – Health Coach)
  5. Tell the reader – who exactly your business is for. (Christina- fit healthy momma 💪🏻, I teach other moms to go from tired and burnout to energized and inspired. 💃🏼 Click below to get my busy mom meal plan 👇🏻)

Let’s Talk Stories

Instagram stories is a great way to get in front of your audience. They are short videos that you can mix up from images, quotes, others peoples pages, and video.

Here are some tips for using stories:

  1. Use 3 Hashtags on each story (have no idea what hashtags are we will tell you below)
  2. Show your face on video. Create connection with your audience by showing your face. This doesn’t have be fancy or filtered, in fact authentic real content is what converts the best.
  3. Use all the tools available for stories. In your story function you can do polls, ask questions, tag people, countdowns, and swipe functions make sure to use all of them… Just not at the same time. 😉

Hashtag Like a Boss

Hashtags are searchable words/phrases that people can follow and that show your posts in the explore function on instagram. They can help your post be seen by more people than just your followers.

We are going to give you our tops 3 ways to use hashtags:

  1. When picking hashtags choose ones that answer these questions- What is my post about, Where am I, Who is my audience, What am I.
  2. Look for Hashtags that have less than a million posts. (You will see how many posts they have as you type in the hashtag)
  3. Don’t use to many, we follow this rule – 3 for stories, 10-15 for posts, and 5 for Facebook.

Have a Feed That Converts

Your feed is the the first place people see and its very important that it reflects and communicates who you are as a brand.

Implement these Tips When Posting:

  1. Add Value, Add Value, Add Value ( implement the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you add value, 20% of the time you have an ask.
  2. Make sure your pictures and content you share are on brand and doesn’t look like you just threw it together.
  3. Be authentic and share your real life. Your feed no longer needs to be “picture perfect” like it used to, now real life images and videos actually convert the best and show your audience who you really are.

Reels Reels Reels

Reels are instagrams newest feature. 15 – 30 seconds videos that are sure to bring in more viewers than any other feature on Instagram.

When it comes to creating reels we have a couple tips to insure you get the most views:

  1. Keep reels as close to 15 seconds. The 30 second reels do not convert as well.
  2. Make them fun and creative. It can be really hard to create something in just 15 seconds and this might take a little bit of trial and error.
  3. Select a cover photo that stands out, add hashtags to your caption, and always add music unless you’re talking.
  4. Share your Reel on your feed & in stories.

    * Bonus Tip: Don’t just post Tik Tok videos Instagrams algorithm scans for it and they will not show your video to very many viewers.


IG T.V is where all videos over 1 minute are held. You can also post them on your feed and in your stories for greater reach. This is a great way to create more engaging content, share testimonials, give your knowledge, share recipes and workouts.

Tip’s for Using IG T.V

  1. Make sure your cover photo for your video fits in your Instagram feed post. (If it doesn’t use for sizing)
  2. Always post your video to your stories with a caption that will create curiosity to click on your post.
  3. Create a Video Title that grabs attention. Your title is the only wording the view sees before they click on the video so make sure it is a good one.

We hope you have gained a lot of value from this post and feel a lot more confident when it comes to using Instagram. It is a great way to grow your business in 2021 and beyond. The best thing to do is just take imperfect action and get started! Happy Posting 🙂

* Content Creating Hack: When it comes to creating stress free content always start with the big picture in mind. For Example – If your goal to create more registered clients for your at home workout group create a blog post that ads value, gives info, and has a CTA (call to action). Then take that post and post it to Pintrest, from there you can split the blog post into multiple Facebook & Instagram posts, create fun fast Tik Tok & Reels, as well as do an in depth Facebook Live & IG T.V. See how one piece of content can create multiple pieces for you?! When you start with the end in mind you save time, energy, and resources.

If you would like more tips for your business please check out our blog below


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